Our History

The Sheet Metal Contractors of Iowa (SMCI) is a nonprofit trade association and the Iowa affiliate of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA), whose mission is to provide a competitive advantage for member contractors. The Association exists to address issues common to member firms that impact the industry. It serves members' needs to improve their business environment through industry education, labor relations, government relations, technical standards, industry promotion and business studies. Ultimately, SMCI provides leadership and guidance to promote the Iowa sheet metal industry.

SMCI consists of more than 70 contributing firms associated with the Iowa Sheet Metal Industry. These companies specialize in or provide products and services to companies performing work in architectural, commercial sheet metal, industrial sheet metal, as well as residential and commercial HVAC service, testing and balancing, and specialty metal services.

Headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa, SMCI consists of three independent chapters - based in eastern Iowa (Cedar Rapids/Iowa City), central Iowa (Des Moines/Fort Dodge) and Sioux City (northwest Iowa and northeast Nebraska).

Established in 1969, the association's bylaws define its mission. Those objects include:

  • Arrange for and promote meetings of sheet metal contractors for the interchange of views for their mutual benefit and to provide sheet metal contractors with an effective agency through which to express their collective voice

  • Promote the prevention and settlement of labor disputes and industrial strife

  • Foster and encourage development of employees' skills, apprenticeship programs, expansion of employment opportunities and sound labor relations and employment practices

  • Distribute information relative to matters affecting the business of sheet metal fabricators and contracting, labor relations and employment practices

  • Cultivate a cooperative spirit among the members and encourage respect for the rights of others with proper regard for the laws and rules governing fair competition

  • Establish and maintain friendly relations between sheet metal contractors and all other branches of the mechanical and construction industry

  • Join and participate in the activities of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association (SMACNA).


Executive Committee


Mitch Golay
Corn States Metal Fabricators
West Des Moines, IA


Valerie DeRycke
D&S Sheetmetal
Cedar Rapids, IA


Peter Watson
Climate Engineers
Cedar Rapids, IA


Dan Hampton
The Waldinger Corporation
Des Moines, IA


Iowa Board of Directors


Donald Livasy
Midstate Plumbing & Heating
Fort Dodge, IA


James Olson
Interstate Mechanical
Sioux City, IA


John Ilten
Ilten's, Inc.
Cedar Rapids, IA


Randy Novak
Novak Heating & Air Conditioning
Hiawatha, IA


William Johnson
Berglund Sheet Metal Contractors
Urbandale, IA


Jeff Lindell
SME Mechanical
Des Moines, IA


Jim Hall
Systems Management & Balancing
Waukee, IA


Tom Wengert
Baker Group
Des Moines, IA


Sheet Metal Contractors of Iowa Staff


Kim Best
Executive Vice President

Kate Wierson


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